About Us


The Nabutilu Foundation is dedicated to helping people globally through education and entrepreneurship.    The foundation was inspired by a woman who was passionate about community development, our grandmother, Nabutilu.  It was her personal philosophy that the best way to improve lives was to provide people with a path to success.    And providing a […]



The Nabutilu Foundation is committed to supporting projects that directly impact the community.  Our current projects focus on youth development and literacy.                                                                                                   Service is the rent we pay for living                                                                                                        -Marian Wright Edelman



Thank you for supporting our work. The Nabutilu Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is 26-3809106. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To make a donation by mail, please send checks to: The Nabutilu Foundation PO box 4422 Greenville, NC 27836

A Note From Our Executive Director

In 2004 I was working on a film in Namibia called Flight of the Phoenix, where I met a young boy named Steven A’resb.   He was trying to sell me special ‘rocks’ he’d collected around the Spitzkoppe Mountains, and impressed me with his extensive scientific knowledge, nevertheless, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a chunk of rose quartz.  I liked him though so I bought a small key chain and when I turned to go he shouted, “can you send me exercise books and pencils?”

I was touched that he would ask for school supplies that would cost me less than $1.00 at my local store, and I could tell from the earnest look on his face that it would mean the world to him.  I managed to send Steven a care package and in so doing, I realized that I wanted to do more for the millions of other Stevens out there.  All the children living in remote communities without access to all the things that I benefited from…the public school education, the free libraries, the generous scholarships to attend college and summer sessions at different institutions.

When I look back on my life, all I can see is how blessed I am, and this foundation is a way for us to give back, lift up, and shower love on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the world. There’s a lot to do, but we’re not only up for the challenge, we’re honored to have the chance to do it.

-Tilu Khalayi

Our Initiatives


    Niko freshi

    Niko Freshi is our feminine care products initiative. The initiative began initially as a means to provide the  girls  in our program with sanitary pads. The girls in the community we serve often go without sanitary pads and as a result some girls get money from older men in order to purchase these necessities. Our […]


    After school

    This initiative will allow us to have a facility where youth can come to study. We look forward providing tutoring services and any additional assistance they need to succeed in school. Many people do not have access to electricity so students end up not having enough time to study.