Niko freshi

Niko Freshi is our feminine care products initiative. The initiative began initially as a means to provide the  girls  in our program with sanitary pads. The girls in the community we serve often go without sanitary pads and as a result some girls get money from older men in order to purchase these necessities. Our desire was to help provide these products in order to keep them safe and focused on school.

We now see a greater need for sanitary products in the area and as a result have decided to further the impact Niko Freshi can have. In the very near future we will  create a cooperative to make the yaya pad, a reusable cloth pad. Based on the experience we had in April (2011) which centered on making cloth pads with the girls in our program, we believe that girls and women will greatly benefit to having access to the yaya pad.  Cloth pads are sustainable, affordable, environmentally friendly feminine products and we look forward to this exciting new venture and welcome your support. If you have any questions regarding our initiative or would like more information, feel free to contact us.


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