What We Do

Beginning in 2008, Yayaz Camps have provided space for girls to engage in healthy dialogue. We host girls for a week and conduct workshops on issues ranging from reproductive health to career goals.

For girls who have never had a break from the routine of subsistence lifestyles or classroom learning, this is a rare opportunity for them to pause and look inward. It gives them a chance to take a critical look at where they are in this moment and where they would like to go.

Our approach
We work with our participants holistically and rely on an art-based curriculum that can creatively engage our young girls. Our work also is more proactive, less reactionary.  Also, we have found that we can be more successful working with girls at earlier ages so they mature knowing and believing in their worth.

We work with three high schools in the Webuye District of Kenya:

  • Malaha Friends Secondary School
  • Matulo Friends Girls Secondary School
  • Webuye DEB Secondary School